HEALING SOULS for guitar solo


“Healing Souls” is a symbolic title reflecting human suffering during the pandemic period of COVID-19. Through my current work, I strive to heal souls of human beings who suffered and finally survived this deadly virus. Nevertheless, some people did not recover, but their souls will live with us forever. This is the first CD that I publish with exclusively solo guitar music of my own. The Twelve Études serve as studies for classical guitar solo, suggesting a specific performance technique for each composition. They follow a curve line of difficulty starting from elementary level to advance. The Six Préludes were dedicated to people and cities that marked my life. The Sonatas Nos. 1,2,3 emphasize the multiple colors of the classical guitar on the highest caliber.

George Hadjimarkou

1. Étude No.1 (1:54)
2. Étude No.2 (1:58)
3. Étude No.3 (1:48)
4. Étude No.4 (2:10)
5. Étude No.5 (1:36)
6. Étude No.6 (1:24)
7. Étude No.7 (1:58)
8. Étude No.8 (1:24)
9. Étude No.9 (1:44)
10. Étude No.10 (1:04)
11. Étude No.11 (1:32)
12. Étude No.12 (1:34)
13. *Prélude to Lucy (In memory of Lucy Maroulleti) (2:40)
14. Prélude to New York (To the city that marked my life) (1:48)
15. Prélude to Famagusta (To my beautiful hometown) (1:58)
16. Prélude to Paraskevas (In memory of Paraskevas Demetriou, victim of Helios flight 522) (2:10)

17. Prélude to Elena (To my beloved daughter) (1:34)
18. Prélude to Pete (In memory of bassist Pete Chively) (1:48)
Sonata No.1 “Kypriotissa”
19. I Moderato ritmico (3:34)
20. II Andante con affetto (5:58)
21. III Vivacissimo energico (3:18)
Sonata No.2 “Exagnismos”
22. I Andantino con anima (4:44)
23. II Vivace cantabile (4:00)
24. III Allegretto con brio (4:22)
*Sonata No.3 “Kitharodia”
25. I Scherzando (3:16)
26. II Larghetto (3:02)
27. III Moderato ritmico (2:38)

All music composed and performed by George Hadjimarkou, guitar
*Including previously released material

healing_souls.jpg HEALING SOULS for guitar solo

Track Number Title Composer Lyrics By Sample Track
1 Etude No.2 Click here to listen to sample
2 Prelude to Elena Click here to listen to sample
3 Sonata No.2 – Andantino con anima Click here to listen to sample

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